Lost soul

In a fishbowl that at times seems endless..

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
for the time it takes a heart to mend a break

I’m just not very good at waiting, never had the patience.

I want to dance like I’m allright again, no remembering, no forgetting.
I wonder if I will ever be able to wear my heart on my sleave again.
Mabye I never really could, it’s easy to remember untruths.

Any time you want to slip your hand into mine,
and decide you want me again,
would be great.
Also, when you do, please leave your anoying qualities at the door.
That would be perfect.

Come on baby lets get out of this town
I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down
There’s a chill in my bones
I don’t want to be left alone
So baby you can sleep while I drive

I don’t mind being alone, quite like it at times.
It’s being lonely I can’t stand…
Don’t worry, it only hurts when I breathe.

Where is your heart? where is your heart gone to?
Tear me apart
Tear me apart from you

Love is worth it, even if you get hurt.
But I feel so broken, and I want to be angry,
anger would be so much better than just sad.
Waiting for this sadness to pass is too passive for me.

Let’s say I’m feeling better
Let’s say I’m feeling fine
Let’s say I gave you all I had
And now I’m out of time
And my best wasn’t good enough

And now this time to wonder
Now this time to heal
Time to let it all come down
But I don’t know what I feel

But it aches and it hurts and it burns
Oh it kills me

Tick, tock, you don’t stop
You don’t fade
You just stay
But I’ll do it all again

At least I hope so, that I’ll be able to do it all again.
When someone else comes along.
To believe again.

Simone White ~ The Beep Beep Song, Melissa Etheridge ~ You Can Sleep While I Drive, The Smashing Pumpkins ~ Tear, Anouk ~ My Best Wasn’t Good Enough, pharaphrasing: Pink Floyd ~ Wish You Were Here, Eagles ~ Hotel California, Melissa Etheridge ~ Breathe