Pictured: How I spend last weekend

Things I enjoyed immensely last weekend:

• Helping a friend and hanging out with him
• Knitting a bunch
• Going out for drinks with other friends
• Lemonades with elderflower or ginger flavours
• Having the same fun sober as I would drunk
• Laughing until I cried
• My friends humouring me and letting me take instant photos of them
• Spontaneously going dancing until 4 in the morning
• Ridiculously terrible music from the ’90
• Being able to jump up and down while dancing
• Not being limited by back pain
• People finding my glasses on the dance floor in one piece
• Them seeing me doing ‘the Velma’ and giving me back my glasses
• Dancing being the best of workouts
• Wearing a pretty dress that swirls when dancing
• Sleeping in
• Drinking tea and watching Netflix
• More knitting

The photographic results:

Marlies and Elsbeth
Marlies and Elsbeth having too much fun to realise I’m taking a photo.


Marlies Matthijs
Marlies and Matthijs.

Eefje Bas
Me, since Matthijs felt I also needed to be in the pictures, and Bas.

Friendship is Magic you guys. <3