I love the quirky. The whole weird yet cool appeals to me. I like to think of myself as kinda quirky, although sometimes I suspect it’s just me being a pretentious twat. Oh well.

Here are some individuals on the interwebs who I find deliciously quirky!

Elyse Sewell, you might remember her from her participation on the very first America’s next topmodel, but she has long since left those times behind. She’s a real model now, who works a lot in China and writes about that and anything else that strikes her fancy. Her pictures of strange foodthings are a lot of fun.

Matthew Gray Gubler, known to most of us as Dr. Spencer Reid on the really nice hitshow Criminal Minds, also spends a lot of time making watercolourportraits and other strange artworks, which make me want to throw out my own sketchbook.

And after googling the name of the photographer Elyse mentioned in a recent post (Baldovino Barani), I found his site. His shoots are aswesome! Would that I’ll ever be half as good as him.

When it comes to photograpy, there are many good photographers I admire, but Nirrimi (portfolio, Flickr) deserves special mention. I love every photo she uploads, both the photograpy and the editting. And she’s just sixteen. I don’t remember doing anything special when I was sixteen, let alone be this good at creating something so beautiful als Nirrimi’s pictures.