Rediscovering my Day Zero list

I had just about forgotten about it. My Day Zero list. Three years ago I joined up and started making a list of all the things I want to do. The idea of Day Zero is that you make a list of 101 things that you have 1001 days for to do then in. I’ve since reset the start-day at least twice (just today in fact) so this 1001 days things is just an arbitrary limit for me. I also used to just remove the things I had completed, so it’s not an accurate representation of what I used to have on that list and how much of it I completed.

I’m changing that now. I’ve checked off some of the goals I had forgotten about but had done anyway, reset the start-date to today and deleted one goal I don’t care about anymore. I’ve also added more goals that I could think of. I now have 40 of the on my 1001 days list and 9 on my someday list. This time, I want to keep it up better and use the Day Zero project as an stimulation to keep pursuing these goals.

Do you, dear reader, have a Day Zero list too? I’d love to know about it. Seeing what other people want to accomplish can give a nice impulse to my own plans.