Skirts and skeevy men

Why is it that me wearing a skirt and high heels seems to invite men to suddenly act very skeevy?

These men wouldn’t look at me in the same way (at least not openly) if I’m wearing jeans and sneakers, even though they fit me just as well and I am most definitely the same woman. But as soon as I go out in a skirt I attract (age-inappropriate) men who look at me skeevy and suddenly out of nowhere tell me I’m sexy. I do not need a random dude telling me this. You’re allowed have an opinion of course, but why do you suddenly feel the need to tell it to me?

Newsflash! Me wearing a skirt and high heels is not a message that I want to get hit on by a skeevy ass hole. I’m not wearing these clothes for you, pervy old dude, I’m wearing them for me. I like the way I look in them. If you wouldn’t talk to me when I’m wearing jeans, don’t talk to me at all. The way you’re acting doesn’t make girls want to jump your bones, it makes us want to punch you in the face.

And I don’t think you expect me to want to go home with you. You know very well that your behaviour makes most girls feel annoyed and uncomfortable. Yet you do it anyway, because of the short skirt. Seeing a woman in such a skirt makes you see her as a Marilyn, a whore. She’s wearing a skirt and walking on heels, she can’t be a Jackie, a saint. She is a whore and therefore she must want all men to treat her as such. If she doesn’t want that then she shouldn’t wear that outfit. And you act the way you do to make a ‘good girl’ ashamed of wearing such high heels and such short skirts. You do this because you can’t handle that she, like most women, doesn’t fit into either the Marilyn or the Jackie box. We are many different people.

Hasn’t it always been this way? Perhaps. Shouldn’t a woman know what to expect when she puts on this skirt and just deal with it? No. Unless my skirt has the literal text ‘Skeevy men, hit on me!’ printed on it, don’t assume I want you to. Just because a lot of people think short skirt=whore doesn’t mean I should accept this. I’m not going to stop wearing skirts I like because of the way other people see things.

I’m not Marilyn and I’m not Jackie. I am Eefje.

I realise that Marilyn wasn’t a whore and Jackie wasn’t a saint, they were real women who struggled with the same issues every woman struggles with. But they illustrate the way men thought about them. I’m making a point here.