The Art Assignment

This is my response to The Art Assignment by Toyin Odutola. I am loving the Art Assignment youtube channel so far, but this is the first which I actually set out to do! As someone in a visual profession, I care a great deal about my eyes. While I would loathe to lose any of my senses or limbs, I could not continue on living my life if I could no longer see.

My first time making a gif! This is the smaller version that I uploaded to tumblr, you can see the full sized version here!

IF you don’t know what the Art Assignment is, it’s a new youtube channel all about contemporary artist who give you an assignment based in the type of art they do. It’s presented by Sarah Green, previously known as ‘the yeti’ in Vlogbrothers videos (She was never seen and seldom heard) and her husband John Green (one of the aforementioned vlogbrothers) is also in the art assignment videos.
There have been three assignments so far, and I am really loving how accessible these videos are. You don’t have to be an art buff to get what they are about, everything is explained honestly. These assignments are very lovely ways of interacting with art and making your own. This is the first one I’ve done, and I love seeing what other people have done with it and reblogging their stuff on tumblr as well. And even the first two assignments were fun for me, I did not do them but I loved seeing the things other people shared. It’s inclusive and that gives me great joy.

The Art Assignment channel

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