Today I made a stop at The Village for a cappuccino.

Being a hipster-girl with coffee, music and drawing

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I tweeted the picture of my cup and got a response from my friend Thomas (it’s his favorite coffee-haunt) to say hi to the guys behind the counter and to ask whether they had found his hat, because he lost it there.
Now you must understand, we all love this hat. He wears it everywhere, and you can see it on our French friend Ben’s head in the HeyDay video. Ben insists that he looks better in the hat than Thomas does but Thomas refuses to give it away. And he just went and lost it.

So I looked around the The Village, and saw the hat forlornly waiting to be claimed by it’s owner. I laughed, and told ‘The Village-people’ (ghehe) about Thomas’ tweet. They know him well (he’s there all the time) and decided that I could claim the hat for him.

Look what I got! Zal ie me staan denk je @tibbe?

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Now me and the guys from The Village agreed that the hat needed to have his own adventures before being reunited with it’s owner who so wantonly abandoned it.
So untill Thomas and I manage to meet up, I will help the hat with it’s adventures and post instagram pictures on twitter and facebook. The results so far:

The lion is sad I won't let him keep the hat.

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Trying to make friends @ hoedenzaak jos van dijck

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Wistfully staring out the window. Traveling on it's own is a new experience. #thehatadventures

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Added an other one

"Did you get it?" "I get to wear it first!" #thehatadventures

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  • On the one hand Id like to meet up soon… on the other hand, Im really curious where the hat will travel next…

    • Haha! Considering I have the late shift at work this week we won't have a moment to meet up before the weekend anyway, since I'll be at work when you're free and vice versa. I'll try to keep the aventures interesting in the mean time. 🙂

  • I like the Village, I'm their every saturday :-). Nice story, haha.

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