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I still haven’t seen Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I’m a bad fangirl.

So who wants to go with me? I know reviews of the film say it’s not a great movie, but it’s Indy! I’m too young to have seen the original three in theaters, I need to see this one on the big screen.
But, if you’ve already seen it there are some other options for going to the movie theater with me:

Dark Knight: yes, it’s Batman time, and Joker time. Two of my colleagues have already seen it and they were gushing about the greatness of this film. If you know the guys, that’s saying something.
It’s Dark and Epic and I need to go see it.

Hancock: Because a hobo superhero is sure to be entertaining. I know from reviews that the first half of the film is briljant, and the second kinda… not. But I think I’ll live. 🙂 Will Smith usually plays Will Smith in his movies, but he’s supposedly doing really well as something else for a change, so let’s go and be entertained.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Gasp! a film in my list that’s not superhero/adventure-related? Who would have thought? It’s a romantic comedy, and I have no idea weather it’s good or not, but it has Kristen Bell as the titular Sarah Marshall, and I am currently obsessed with Kristen Bell. I loved her as Elle Bishop on Heroes, and because of that I figured I’d check out Veronica Mars, the television series she had the lead in before she came on Heroes. I love it! Unfortunately it’s still airing in the Netherlands, and thus only the first half of the first season is available on dvd (so the first 12 episodes I’ve seen). I have read all the recaps on Twop though, so I know what happens. (I often work in the evening, so I can’t watch television series as they air.) Kristen Bell is a great actress, she’s just really, really awesome! So I want to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall because she in it. (I also can’t wait to see the movie Fanboys, in which she is part of a group of friends obsessed with Star Wars, how can that not be cool! I don’t know if it’ll come to Dutch theaters though…)


  • Heya Eef!

    I can tell you the reviews of Hancock live up to my experience. The first half is great, second half sucks a bit. Nonetheless, nice movie to watch! Dark Knight is on my wishlist too!

  • I'd really like to see the Dark Knight, but I was asked to go there by (and with) someone else.. So, I'm in favour of Indiana Jones! 😀 (You know me..)
    Wednesday I saw Fight Club.. Man! I hadn't seen it, and I'm in love :p

    See you soon!

  • Then you and I will go see Indy together 🙂 I'll call you about the details 😉

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