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I’ve been on for about three years now, but I’ve never been an intensive user. I just let it register what I was listening, and other than checking what my friends were listening I didn’t do anything with the website.

Untill now.

It is a great website to check out music you didn’t know before, since you can actually listen to the songs. (They don’t have everything, but they have a lot.) So when your friends tell you to check out some artist, just search for them in en see if your friends were right about the music. Or you could type in the name of an artist you really like and check out the ‘similar artists’ column.
I am currently listening to Sigur Rós through and I’m loving it. (Sigur Rós is one of the many bands Zoe told me to listen to. It’s really fun to share your appartment with a music-freak! Zoe is the music-editor for Metro Greece.)

Other artist everybody should check out, either because Zoe says so or because I do:
Kimya Dawson (listen to Loose Lips, it’s from the Juno soundtrack)
Duffy (there’s more then one, and I’m refering to the Welsh girl (Stepping Stone!), but the American band is fun too (Brother))
Kate Havnevik

They might not be ‘your thing’ but these artists are great, and you should try them out before deciding if you like them.
If you want the know what else I’m listening to: Meet me on my userpage.

Love from Paris!