Chandler the Robot jewellery

Stupendous Chandler

Stupendous Chandler and friends

I got a lovely package in the mail today, the Chandler the Robot jewellery I had ordered!
I’d been thinking about getting a Chandler forĀ  while now, and when Stupendous Chandler became an option I fell in love. The creator is Meg Frampton (who also makes lovely music with her sister as Meg & Dia) and she gave a 20% discount on her birthday! So instead of just ordering the necklace and the Willie earrings I had planned, I also got the Out of Time earrings because of the generous discount.
I am just in love with her work. And while I was nervous about the postal service screwing up, I just had to get my very own Stupendous Chandler. Now that he and his little friends have arrived safely I know I can get more friends for them when new ones I would like appear in the shop. (She does limited editions, I fear they might be incredibly addicting.)