Instant photography – instant film

Thomas and Bas

Isn’t photography always ‘instant’ nowadays? It’s kind of a strange term now in the age of publishing pics in a flash to your instagram feed and seeing the responses from people as soon as they come in. But I’m talking about instant film. Good old physical film that develops before your eyes. I love taking these photos of my friends or whatever and pasting them on my ‘wall of things and people I love’. Whenever I sit at my computer I just have to look to my right to see the smiling faces of my friends. I adore this tactile reminder of the awesome.

I’ve had the lomo instant camera since the kickstarter launching it and it’s a cool camera. There’s lots of options for multiple exposures and coloured flash and all those other goodies Lomography usually adds to their cameras. They’ve now came out with a new version for the wide film format. Mine uses the fujifilm instax mini film and recently I got myself a new camera that uses the same film packets. Fuji’s own instax camera!

I just had to get it because it’s so cute! I also like that it’s really simple. All of the options on the lomo are cool, but sometimes I just want to shoot without having to think about all the different settings. I’m really happy with the results!

Singel looking at Vredenburg Nienke

Matthijs and Marlies

Isolde Anne

You can see more of my instant film photography in this album on my Flickr.