Lomochrome film roll results


Last year I put a lomochrome purple film roll in my Holga 135. It took ages to fill up, mostly over summer I believe. Then I had the developed film lying around waiting for me to get off my ass and scan the pictures. When I finally did so about a month ago I barely remembered when I took these photos. If you follow me on Flickr or Instagram you will have seen (some of) these already, but I thought that I should share them on my blog as well. 🙂

I really enjoy shooting lomochrome film! I’ve got some purple and some turquoise rolls and the results are always unexpected and strangely beautiful. Although they work better in my Olympus Trip than my Holga, but that could also be a reflection on my own skill level. It’s just easier with a camera that has a light meter.

Canal Kitty

It was really fun to scan these images and be surprised by the resulting pictures. I remember some of the moments I took the photos. Like the time I encountered a sweet cat who wanted to play with me, that was a nice memory. Most are from walks around my city.



Sloterdijk           Leaf