Lomography and making mistakes

Despite the general out of focusness and the cutting off of the head, I do really like this photo:

On a stump

I keep making these same mistakes. Trusting the viewfinder when I should know by now that the closer I am to my subject the more it will not line up with what the lens actually captures. And I often get closer than the 1m focal distance of the lenses. It’s how the pictures of my friend Annes birthday all turned out blurry. Surprisingly, I have much better results with the 35mm back on my Diana. The 35mm photos of my friend Thomas birthday turned out really nice. (I’ll show them in a next post.) Because I am much more aware of the size of the film capturing less than I see through the viewfinder I pay much more attention to the framing and the taking enough distance to get my subject in frame. Or it may just be that I feel I get more good shots per film roll because a 35mm roll can fit 27 or 36 frames while a 120mm roll only has 12 or 16.

Still, I have a couple of nice results on this 120mm roll as well!

Like learning how to use the close-up lens:



And some of the things I see when I’m commuting:



station and train