Because the weekly photo challenges on WordPress are all about photos taken with your phone (phoneography) and I got a new smartphone with a good camera in it not to long ago I figured that I’d try out sharing from instagram directly to my blog, all from my phone while on the go.


  • Nice photo 😀 But are all the photo challenges meant to be done by phone? 😮

    • Oh no, not at all, but this month they're focussed on phoneography. But if you like the challenge you can do it with whatever tool you want obviously. And this is not even a challenge, just me trying something out. 🙂

  • was that photo taken in the netherlands? the one train looks so familiar 🙂 i really miss this country…

    • Yes it was, it's Amsterdam Central Station, which I pass on my daily commute. 🙂

      • awesome 🙂 btw… the comment above was the first one i made with my phone 😉

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