Polaroid Dees

I promised I would write more about the picture I really liked.
You can see what it has in common with the great one of my friend Dees at the start of this post, it’s a polaroid!
I have finally found a simple way to emulate polaroids that look o.k., by putting my photo’s in this application. It’s currently mac-only, although they’re working on a windows version. It’s really cool! you just drag a picture and drop it on the ‘camera’ and it crops it (sometimes badly, so I just crop the pic beforehand in photoshop) and out comes a picture, which takes a while to develop, just like a real polaroid. You can even shake it to speed the process. Viola, insta-polaroid. You can put the same photo in it mutiple times, and it will get a different colourfinishing, be it a magena cast or a cyan one or something else.
I do wish I had more control over the colours, because they don’t always come out the way I would like them. But that’s understandable, it’s a free app, and it does one really cool thing, it’s not freaking photoshop.
If you can run the program, you should really try it. And join the flickrgroup about it while you’re at it.


Polaroid Unlike Me

One in which I think the colouring is too strong:


My flickr set with the polaroids.


  • And now for something completely different: Wat vind je van The Book Thief? Ik ben echt heel benieuwd!

  • Ik ben nog niet heel ver, maar wat ik ervan gelezen heb vind ik erg mooi. Ik kan je wel al vertellen dat het een boek is waar ik lang over zal doen, als je het niet erg vindt. (Maar niet zolang als Wind in the Willows :p)

  • Ik vind het niet erg 🙂 En dat terwijl The Wind in the Willows echt een stuk dunner is :p

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