“You can’t argue with noise or reason with noise – noise cannot be right or wrong, it cannot fail and it cannot fall, and there has never been this noise before, so you cannot fault it or belittle it. I love this noise. If someone asked me ‘What are you thinking?’ I would point at the noise.” – How to Build a Girl, Caitlin Moran

I am loving this book and how the main character talks about music.

“Not everyone meets someone they love so much they want to give up on the things that make them hard to love in return.”

Finding someone to share your life with is not a priority for everyone. And even if it is, who says there is a soulmate for everyone? All these grand romantic ideals, how realistic are they? The best would be finding someone who loves all of you, even the bits that are bad at communicating and anoying. And to love that person just the same way. But how often does that happen? How many of us are trying to change some aspect of themselves to be suitable for a lover? Or try and want something they don’t really want out of live just to stay with someone?

And is it a realistic thing to compromise on fundamental things or is it better to hold out for the ideal? Maybe sometimes you’re better off on your own. Figure out who you are and what you want before adding an other person to the mix.