What to do about big books and my Goodreads challenge

I like big books and I cannot lie. I also really like tracking my reading, and setting a Goodreads challenge for each year. But it’s good to reflect on how Goodreads infuences my interaction with books. Because I haven’t been reading many big books lately and I think that’s because of my Goodreads challenge. So I made a video about it!

Tracking my reading on Goodreads has added a lot to my reading experience. I basically use it to keep my collection organized while relishing the social aspect as well. It’s awesome to see what my friends are reading, what they thought about a book and what kind of Goodreads challenge they set themselves. It also helps me notice trends in my reading, both good and bad. For example, I’ve started shelving my ‘read’ books by ‘author-of-colour’ and by ‘female-author’. Which is how I knew that I’m reading a nice number of books written by women but I’m still not doing well when it comes to books written by non-white people. Of which there are a lot more. It has led me to try and more consciously pick up books by authors of colour, diversifying my reading is a good thing!

But as I mention in the video, because I want to reach my reading goal in the Goodreads challenge, I’ve been passing by bigger books. And I don’t think that’s a good thing. I like my reading not to be all the same type thing. Yes, a young adult or childrens book that I can finish in a day is awesome, but I wouldn’t want to only read that. I also want to read the books I talk about in the video.

Do you use a site like Goodreads? What do you like about it and what don’t you? I’d be interested to know if other people have noticed it influencing their reading.