Video blogging, I’m trying it

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try and make a video blog, because I felt having a youtube account but not having any video’s up was kinda weird. If you haven’t seen it, here it is in all it’s terrible quality glory.

Then I bought myself a camcorder and tried a video blog with it, which I’ve uploaded tonight:

Much better image quality, but as you can see I’m still not very good at the actual video blogging. My speech sucks: diction, it’s important why don’t I use it? Also I at one point used ‘like’ without meaning ‘similar too’, and it wasn’t satirical. *Facepalm*.
I have no clue why the white balance is so off in parts of this video since the light didn’t really change at all while I was taping. And if you’re wondering, the weekend I mention in the video is not Christmas. Two weeks passed since I filmed this, I’m talking about being away with friends and going out for a walk and filming pigs. Yes pigs. I hope I can salvage some of the footage and make a nice video out of it, perhaps with a jaunty tune.


    • Thank you! I honestly don't recall having ever seen the word 'jaunty' used without the word 'tune' following it, so that's just how it's logged in my brain I guess. 🙂

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